Rocío Osorno triumphs on Instagram with a perfect make-up tutorial for the April Fair in Seville

As a good Sevillian, the influencer Rocío Osorno is not going to miss the April Fair of Seville 2019 that begins this May 1st. Every year it fulfills the tradition of taking its best clothes out of the closet to splash style throughout the enclosure and not go unnoticed among the people. Also, this year he has decided to show how to make up in a tutorial beauty inspired by the flamenco dresses. The video, in which you can see perfectly the result of your new eyebrows after the microblading, already accumulates more than 350,000 reproductions in just a few hours.

For this one natural, sexy and sophisticated beauty look, that leaves all the protagonism to the vestiments, you probably do not need to buy anything new for your toiletry bag of makeup. The designer has used eight basic products what do you sure have at home?

First, prepare the face with the blackout corrector Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent, the same one used by the singer Rosalía and that leaves good face effect Instantly. Apply it directly on the areas to be corrected and spread it with a brush. Then seal it with translucent powders, that provide a brightness irresistible to the face. In this step, Rocío dispenses with the makeup base, since he has confessed on more than one occasion that he does not like heavy textures.

For the look, the instagramer uses a nude shadow very soft and subtle in a dull pink tone, which will match the rest of the makeup. Then apply black pencil in the upper water line and a good layer of eyelash mask to lift the eyelids and enlarge the eyes. On the lips has applied a tone of fuchsia lipstick bitten effect. Specifically, the color Mehr of the cosmetics firm MAC. And to finish the makeup, pink blusher on the cheekbones illuminator to rejuvenate the face.

A simple makeup without overloads that opens the way to the most characteristic complements of a flamenco inspired look: roses as hair accessory and the maxi earrings that elevate the look to another level. And you, are you ready to go to the Seville Fair?

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