Isabel Pantoja, confirmed as contestant of 'Survivientes 2019'

For a week, the question was in the air: Was Isabel Pantoja, really, one of the contestants of 'Survivientes 2019'? The magazine 'Week' assured last Wednesday that yes. Some media denied the news. But neither Telecinco nor the tonadillera were pronounced, leaving in the air the real answer to that question.

There is already a firm answer. It was the network that yesterday decided to make the news public. Shortly after eight in the afternoon, David Valldeperas, director of 'Sálvame', went to the center of the set and uttered the magic words: "Isabel Pantoja has signed with this house, Mediaset, and is a contestant of 'Survivors'".

His niece, Anabel Pantoja, did not know what to say ... Because her aunt had not told her. Finally, he managed to pronounce: "He deserves it, that he enjoys the experience and that he reaches the final!". I was doing it to break that climate of 'shock' in which all the people were present, because the chain has achieved a real bombshell with the participation of the tonadillera in the 'reality'.

The confirmation would be motivated because his daughter, Chabelita, I denied it this Wednesday in an interview. A new sample of which the confidence between both shines by its absence. Or that the artist has preferred to take it with absolute discretion to avoid a leak that, as we confirmed seven days ago, could not stop.

As they warned him Chelo García Cortés, who had just stuck a hiccup because of the pressure that is supposed to come to the fore of his wife, Marta Roca, if the collaborator ends up going to 'reality', would have a golden opportunity to try to talk things in the middle of the island and retake that close friendship they had once.

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