Chiara Ferragni celebrates her birthday remembering the 'crush' of her childhood

Chiara Ferragni turns 32, and she does it surrounded by the people she loves the most: her son, Leo, and her husband, Fedez. The 'influencer' wanted to take advantage of this special day to remember how the first 12 times she blew the candles: with the most fan-friendly t-shirts, including, starring what appeared to be her crush - platonic love - of preadolescence. Who was? Nothing less than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Image of the 11th birthday of Chiara Ferragni, published in her 'stories'. INSTAGRAM.

Impatient that they gave 00:00, the model published her photos from baby to the beginning of adolescence: "Tomorrow is my birthday and I begin the celebrations here with my first ten birthdays ", he wrote, showing a girl always faithful to her blonde fringe, which apparently lasted until 11.

Your day has just begun, and we do not doubt that it will show on social networks each one of the surprises that you have prepared. Thus, it is not the only thing that celebrates the 'intagramer'. Yesterday, an excited Fedez remembered the moment when, during one of his concerts, he decided to ask for his hand. That's two years ago, because the couple gave the 'yes, I want' eight months ago in an enviable wedding, totally personalized, held in an exclusive villa in Sicily.

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