The discomfort and the foam, by Paloma Bravo

Pablo does not like the foodie roll: talk about aromas, foams and emulsions instead of talking about flavors, feelings and, of course, even facts. He is allergic to abstractions and passionate about the tangible. He likes fried eggs for the same reason that he likes good sense: they fill him up. Even so, in these long campaign weeks he has fallen in love with a chef who does not know or have tried. "Do you see what the media do?" I taunt him. "If it were not for a newspaper, you would not have known Aduriz"And it is that Pablo has posted a post it in the fridge with a phrase he read to the chef of Mugaritz:" Annoying is necessary, because out of discomfort begins decadence ".

(The appointment was longer, but Pablo always summarizes, to inspire, to inspire us and, above all, not to forget who he is, why he is the way he is. "Discomfort is the elixir of eternal youth and people have not heard. Eat a dose every day, without being a masochist either, and you will grow. "I suspect, now that I transcribe it, that Pablo imagines Aduriz as badass as he is: with Extremoduro at its best, to conserve energy, rage, the incombustible desire to change the world).

Living with a nonconformist is really exhausting. Everything asks, everything questions. "Why? Sure? Do you really do it because you think it's the right thing to do or is it just because it's the easiest thing for you?" Is quarrelsome, idealistic, romantic... Luckily, he is a coherent man: Live, work and educate according to your own principles, giving example. Therefore, in these times of posture and politics is being left alone, because Paul believes that the right path does not allow shortcuts or excuses.

I have a friend who is moved by Paul's attitude and who always tells me: "He will mature", and I answer him no, that Paul will continue to grow, because he who matures stays still, "he who matures no longer learns".

"You will also mature," concludes my friend, condescending. And I do not care, because I love them both as they are: my friend (who will not change) and Pablo (who will continue to change for the better).

"The sexiest thing you have is that you upload me the level of self-imposed"I said one day, I love him, I admire him and I listen to him." Even on the day his daughter asks him what is success and his father replies in a hippy plan: "Be at peace with yourself and keep learning every day". "But, Dad, you used to earn more money, to earn less is a failure, is not it?" Pablo laughs and, imitating Sava, the extraordinary son of some nonconformist friends, he starts running with his arms outstretched, happy: "My prize is the wings! My prize is the wings!". And we see him fly.

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