Nagore Robles has already released the most desired blouse Zara

After Vicky Martín Berrocal, we can assure you that Nagore Robles is the celebrity you saw the most Zara of the moment. The collaborator shoots a lot of the low cost for her appearances on television and Inditex's signature is among her favorites -you also saw, for example, Sfera-. The last time we've seen it with a total look of the Spanish firm It has been in Survivors. And it has not been any look. Nagore has worn a look that we can describe as romantic, with one of the most beautiful blouses you can find in Zara at this moment.

The collaborator Nagore Robles with total look of Zara. @nagore_robles

It is about this plumeti blouse, semitransparent (the body has a lining so you do not have to put anything under), with puffed sleeves, how successful he has been on Instagram. It costs 29.95 euros.

Semi-transparent blouse Zara, 29.95 euros. zara

She carries it inside of one pants of high shooting - it is the type of pants that better fits to him -, of long ankle, with belt of the same fabric, in a yellow that we loved and that is already on our list of favorites for the summer. It is also from Zara and it has a price of 29.95.

Pants of Zara, 29.95 euros. zara

A look that does not even reach 60 euros total. And the television collaborator knows how to take advantage of a style with a low investment. We are going to do the same, especially since it is a good thing that the two garments are still available. The blouse has a wide range of sizes, from the XS to the XXL and the trousers, from the XS to the XL, although the latter yes that is exhausted.

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