Violeta Mangriñán, new confirmed contestant of 'Survivientes 2019'

New name for that list of confirmed contestants for the adventure of 'Survivors 2019' that, as Jorge Javier Vázquez revealed yesterday, will begin on Thursday of next week, On April 25. It was today, during the broadcast of 'Women and Men and Vice Versa', when the news was given that Violet Mangriñán will be in Honduras in a week.

Extronistas, exhibitor and current collaborator of the space that quotes Toñi Moreno, Mangriñán will be measured to contestants as Isabel Pantoja, Oto Vans, Omar Montes, Dakota or Colate Vallejo-Nágera. A 'casting' of the most heterogeneous that gives hints that entertainment, not forgetting the adventure, will be the highlight of this edition.

"I've felt the call"says Mangriñán in the promotional video that was issued shortly after Toñi herself was in charge of revealing that name of one of the faces less known to the public of all those who will be launched from that helicopter in Honduras.

Violet becomes the tenth contestant of a space that promises to supply us with many news for three months, until we know who gets that long-awaited final prize.

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