Elena Tablada's mother talks about her trial against David Bisbal

Elena Tablada and David Bisbal saw their faces a few days ago in the courts. In 'Corazón' we were able to know all the details of the trial and how it affected both parties. Now, the mother of Elena Tablada pronounces herself very hurt for the confrontation of his daughter and David Bisbal.

David Bisbal filed a lawsuit against Elena Tablada for relating the image of her daughter with commercial brands on Instagram of Elena. In addition to the fact that he wants to protect her because of her image and the possible attacks she may suffer from the networks, Elena considers that all this is unfair.

His mother is on his side, and nobody doubted. However, when you they ask for David Bisbal the woman gets excited and gives her a lot of grief. He resigns himself shrugging his shoulders and saying "It is what there is ", to later cry remembering it. She and the singer had a lot of appreciation, and they will continue to have it in a different way. The fact that both of them see each other's faces in court is not pleasant.

When you are asked about what you think or how the judicial process of Elena Tablada with David Bisbal for the daughter they have in common, she replies: "That's their problem, they fix it, I do not want to get involved in anything". It is the best posture but lets see that this really she has very bad and worried about the good of the girl.

Elena Tablada remains firm in her position and he wants to continue publishing photos of his daughter with or the consent of his father whom he has provoked on several occasions. And, before entering the trial words were not lacking: "It's a shame we have to be here when we could be celebrating the good time that we are going through injustices and contradictions. "

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