The mother of María José Campanario, one step away from 'Survivientes 2019'

We already have three contestants confirmed -Colate Vallejo-Nágera, Omar Montes and Dakota, which you can learn by clicking here- and two rumors that sound strongly and that would be a real bombshell for 'Survivors 2019'. To the information of last week that Isabel Pantoja would be in Honduras, the ones of the mother of María José Campanario It will also jump from the helicopter in the middle of May.

As they read it. Remedios Torres could be one of the 16 contestants They live in that mythical island of Telecinco, with Lara Álvarez as a presenter from the Caribbean. It is the magazine 'Rumore', through the information of Gustavo González which says Monday that the mother-in-law of Jesulín de Ubrique is closing the fringes of that participation.

The same head, which does not offer more information about that alleged participation of Torres in the 'reality', also ventures to give the figures of the caches in which the participants of this edition would move. The highest - with the proviso that Pantoja could go, we already know that about 80,000 euros a week were talked about - would be around 18,000-20,000 euros. The lowest, between 10,000 and 15,000 euros.

For the moment, we will have to wait to see if one of those two heavyweights finally steps on the island's land. And how, little by little, it goes knowing the identity of the rest of the participants from one of the flagships of the chain.

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