Camu camu, the superfood that promotes longevity (and beauty)

Superfoods are not a passing fad, their nomenclature or cataloging may be, but there is no doubt that they are foods with many healthy properties and great benefits for the organism. The camu camu jumped to the fore for its slimming power but has many more properties. Sign this name because you will want to try it after reading all its benefits.

Camu camu, the power of antioxidants

Up to 16 times more Vitamin C than an orange, so loaded with antioxidants come these small fruits that come from a shrub in the Amazon that also grows in Colombia, Brazil and Peru, where camu camu is used for medicinal purposes.


According to Jaime Aguiar, researcher of the National Research Institute of the Amazon in Manaus, Brazil, "Every 100 grams of camu camu have up to 6 grams of vitamin C". A surprising amount of natural vitamin C that has given camu camu the reputation it has for superfood.

Properties of the camu camu

This extraordinary antioxidant power, which gives it the very high levels of Vitamin C it has, helps fight the harmful effects of free radicals by preventing premature aging.

It is a fruit rich in flavonoids and has essential amino acids such as leucine, serine and valine, that our body does not manufacture on its own (just like it does not produce Vitamin C), and we must get them through the diet.


Valine protects the muscles from deterioration and strengthens the nervous system; the leucine it is fundamental for muscle and bone development and growth; Y the serine It intervenes in the digestion process helping to break down proteins to help the body absorb nutrients optimally.

Account with a high level of manganese and beta-caroteneIt is also a great source of iron, potassium, calcium, copper, niacin, phosphorus and proteins. Not bad, huh? What a superfood!

Benefits of camu camu

The flavonoids and anthocyanins contained in the camu camu inhibit free radicals, protect the heart and regulate blood pressure promoting longevity and the health of the body.

It has anti-inflammatory effect, also fighting oxidative stress and being of great help to relieve joint pain and to help repair ligaments and tendons thanks to being a precursor of collagen, so it also makes the skin and hair look prettier and healthier.

To camu camu have been attributed properties as a natural antidepressant, thus favoring a good function of the nervous system. It helps maintain a good mood, improving memory and sleep quality, as it increases the levels of serotonin (the hormone of happiness).


It is a perfect ally to fight against viral infections such as the cold or herpes, and strengthens the immune system thus preventing other diseases and reducing others such as diabetes or hypertension.

It is a fruit Low in calories and rich in fiber so it has satiating effect and will help regulate blood glucose levels avoiding insulin spikes combined with a proper diet, so it is a food to consider for weight control.

You can take it natural, in smoothies, in tablets, capsules or powder. If you take it in powder you will be able to add it to soups, creams, smoothies, biscuits ...


The camu camu is a very healthy and highly recommended food, it is not miraculous and will end all your ailments and rejuvenate you in a stroke, but Yes it is a great ally to maintain an iron health, a good mood and prevent premature aging taking care of the body inside and out. Reasons to include this superfood in your diet, right?

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