Rocío Osorno shows her new eyebrows after the microblading

Rocío Osorno has signed up one of the eyebrow beauty trends that is sweeping the most famous: the microblading. For those who are not yet aware of this technique, it is a type of semi-permanent tattoo that is perfect to cover those annoying little calves that many of us have in our eyebrows, give them thickness, define their shape or even rebuild them if we do not have them or they are not very marked.

"The truth is that I do not have them badly defined but I do have bald spots in some areas" yesterday revealed the influencer in his latest stories. That is the reason why Rocío Osorno has opted for this type of micropigmentation treatment.

To do so, it has been placed in the hands of Lola Medina in his clinic in Seville and soon after he shared the amazing result in Instagram stories:

Rocío Osorno has shown through her stories the before and after eyebrow microblading. Instagram

A spectacular result, but that has not convinced all its followers in the network: "You are telling me that you see me as something strange, I also see it, but before doing the microblading Lola has had to depilate me to define the eyebrow well and to be able to equal the two and that they remain symmetrical and beautiful, I will then let the hairs grow and they will be more natural, "explained the influencer to her followers.

He has also assured that although it is "something annoying" practically nothing has hurt him and that to realize this microblading round a price of about 200 euros approximately.

Rocío Oosorno during the microblading process. Instagram

We as pros and cons of the microblading, we have appreciated that after realizing it we have seen some brows filled, much more defined and symmetrical. In fact this type of technique defines to the millimeter this type of details in the eyebrow.

In contrast, we only highlight that this type of micropigmentation, in some cases, removes freshness and naturalness to the face increase the thickness and consequently harden a little more our expression.

Still, we have to say that the result is gaining naturalness with the passing of days and we also believe that the influencer has achieved a spectacular and very natural result in his eyebrows.

And you? Would you dare with this technique?

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