Karina ends up leaving the 'Saturday Deluxe' set in her toughest interview

It is not the first time that a guest to 'Saturday Deluxe' He offers the most juicy details in the previous interview and, when the moment of truth arrives, he sits down on the set and sweetens his words. Or refuses to talk about certain issues that he had already promised to play. The last one to be bet on Telecinco has been Karina.

Or that some of the collaborators reproached him. Because she had promised headlines attacking Juan Miguel, his ex whom we have recently seen coming very far in 'GH Duo'. And when the moment of truth came, it closed in a band and there was no one to get half a word about his daughter's father.

The tension lived on the set was maximum. So much so that, after two feints, the third was the winner and, crying, the singer ended up leaving in the middle of the interview. He did not like some of the reproaches of his interviewers. Perhaps the clearest was Sergi Ferre.

"You have a very hard face. You have given some very strong headlines in the previous interview, which is done to see if you come. And now what happens? Are you the saint? ", I asked after the sentence of this that only went to the program as part of the promotion of his album.

"I put what I could, I am 72 years old and I am retired. My pension is small and I still have to keep singing to be able to resist. And I do not want to be here anymore, I want to go home, "he answered in response to a specific attack on his daughter's wedding, the one we saw in the magazines of the heart a few months ago and from which videos of Karina circulated giving everything.

These words of the singer, once had left with a span of noses to 'Saturday Deluxe', outraged more than one on social networks. "I remain SAD and dead of grief when Karina dies of shame talking about his small pension and after so many years have to continue singing, "said a Twitter user.

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