Julio Ruz refuses to go to the final debate of 'GH Duo' (and explains why)

Last night 'GH Duo'finalized, definitively, its first edition. He did it with that great final debate to which all the contestants should go. We say should, because there was an absence more than sounded: the Julio Ruz. Why did not you sit on the set next to those who have been your 'reality' companions?

That is the question that we all asked ourselves and that Jordi González, the presenter, verbalized to make it to his ex and winner of the contest, María Jesús Ruiz. "I do not know. In fact it was not on Thursday either", he answered before he pointed out that on Thursday he did attend, but that certain comments from his mother, Juani Garzón, made him leave the set.

"The point is that he is the only contestant who has not wanted to come. So I ask you if you have any theory why he did not want to come today, which is the closing of the program, "Jordi insisted before a Maria Jesus who was still unanswered and who was facing Raquel Lozano, who warned that Julio He could have had the courage to come face to face with her to tell her everything he said on his back these weeks.

Julio's response was immediate. Businessman I used Twitter to answer to that debate that was being generated before the cameras. And leaves more than one pressed for his strength, both the decision and the words.

"It's wonderful that, now, some of my ex-partners do not think it's good that I did not attend the final debate. When a person is CALUMNED, they do not attend until they apologize. It's called dignity. Let's see if you learn ", were his words in the social network.

It's wonderful that now some of my former colleagues do not think it's good that he did not attend the final debate. Well I explain it to you, when a person is CALUMNED that person, they do not attend until they apologize. It's called dignity, let's see if you learn # GHDÚODBTFinal

- Patrick Swayze of Jaen (@JulioARuz) April 14, 2019

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