Jordi González threatens to denounce those who accuse 'GH' of tongo

The end of 'GH Duo' and with it the speculations of the possible winners. Everyone has their favorite, even the media itself that echo what happens in the reality. But nevertheless, Telecinco should not position itself in favor of any contestant as they usually do the presenters of their different galas.

Even so, there are means that put in interred certain neutrality in the winner of 'GH Duo' and they take for granted that one of them is the favorite of the chain and therefore, they have the 100 thousand euros briefcase insured. It is not the first edition that these speculations happen, it is not because it is an edition full of celebrities with power, it is very common to attribute that the winner is more than decided by the direction of the program and that the votes of the audience are useless.

Before these accusations, Jordi González has fed up and has decided to send a message to all those media that hesitate with Telecinco already has a winner. "There is some digital publication that titles, when the program ends, something very recurrent as "Telecinco already knows who will win"Or" Telecinco has already decided who is the winner ". I pray to these media that publish that we decide who wins that, please, denounce us in the court because if I will not go to report them to them", said the presenter in the last debate of 'GH Duo'.

For now, for the final they are in the house of Guadalix Irene Rosales, Kiko Rivera, Alejandro Albalá, Juanmi and María Jesús Ruiz. The dispute is very tense and many of them have given momentazos inside the house that will mark a before and after in the own edition of the program. Although many take it for granted, the audience is the one will really decide who deserves said briefcase.

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