First declarations of Malú after his supposed trip with Albert Rivera

The the rarest story in history forgive the redundancy. This relationship, if there is one, has no one to understand it. Malú and Albert Rivera supposedly went on a trip together to Portugal, but it is neither confirmed nor denied and that they are together either.

If they are not, why have not two of the two media figures decided make it clear that they are not together? If they ask you 10 times the same thing and do not answer it's more of a SI, do not? Well, we'll have to keep waiting for her to one day become first lady. You imagine? Returning to the point, there are the first images of the singer after her supposed spiritual retreat.

Between what he just passed the general election that have been anything but calm, and Malú is almost recovered from its operationThis trip would not hurt either of them. That is why he has not been much in doubt. When the 'save me' collaborators they try to talk to Albert Rivera they meet with an absolute disdain for the cameras. He seems afraid of letting go of something he should not.

Malú on the other hand is kinder but still leaves us with honey on the lips. At the moment it does not say anything enlightening to understand the relationship or waiting for the tremendous images of his trip. When they ask him how he is she says she is "well" accompanied by her crutch, and to Albert Rivera's questions she just smiles and thanks. Could it be that they are waiting for the municipal, autonomous and European elections? It is the more political and media relationship that we have known so far. And, of course, the calendar does not accompany them.

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