They assault the house of Tamara Gorro with her inside

Tamara Hat she has talked. He has done so to reassure his followers after the news that they pointed to the house he shares with Ezequiel Garay and their children in the urbanization of the Valencian town of Bétera I had been assaulted with her inside.

It was through his Instagram stories that Tamara wanted to break his silence and address those 'followers' with whom he shares a good part of his movements. "We are fine", the television collaborator begins.

I can not give more information "

"I am receiving many messages, calm that we are well. Not everything is true, I have no blow. I can not give more information, I'm going to pay attention to the police and the civil guard, "he says, keeping the details so as not to hinder the investigation.

"Tell them we're fine, the whole family, and thank you for worrying. Life goes on", concludes Tamara, who was with the housekeeper when the thieves entered the house. And it was not the only one they tried to steal, since other teammates of Garay also suffered a similar situation.

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