Criticize Macarena Gomez for her new exotic pet

Macarena Gómez has shared on Instagram an image of the new member of the family. He has given to the men of the house an alpaca. And, as expected, his followers and more have been revolutionized and have criticized harshly in social networks.

In itself, the subject of the macotas and the deprivation of freedom of certain animals is a controversy very sounded not only on Instagram, but on the street and any day-to-day meeting point with friends. The fact that a famous person has animals like this as a pet, has awakened no doubt among all his followers and more.

"'Paco, the Conqueror ', a new member in the family. Gift of meets the men of the house", the actress wrote next to the photo that was hanging on Instagram, where Macarena appears next to the alpaca wearing a leash and posing very upright and still. Macarena is wearing olive green pants, a white shirt and a navy blue jacket. The photo the less precious it is. But it has aroused many mixed feelings.

Many of his followers wrote to him: "Is not it better to let her go? "," But what's the need? I think it's an eccentricity, I feel sorry for the animal ", or" How minimal that you explain under what conditions the animal is how is it that they gave it to you and it is not in its natural habitat, which is where it should be".

For now the actress has not pronounced but now the reproaches sound everywhere. In addition, many concern that he is a public figure and that he must be responsible with what you share because many of those who see the photo will want an equal

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