Fourth week of pregnancy: first lack of period

During the fourth week of pregnancy the woman waits for the rule, so, except in those women with very irregular periods, surely that will be the moment of discovery. Iran going through the days and you may notice the inflamed breasts and some abdominal discomfort. Until then, everything will be attributed to ovulation and the imminent arrival of the period, however, those are also pregnancy symptoms and the absence of a period will be the verification.

This week the blastocyst still has no shape and its size ranges between 0.4 mm and 1 mm. It is a set of them, mostly stem cells that will later develop into cells of any type of tissue. Soon they will begin to differentiate themselves and each of them will have a different mission. Although it still has no person shape, the eyes begin to distinguish themselves as two black dots and appear small bumps that later form their arms and legs.

The cells will therefore make more and more different tissues: organs, nervous system, mucous membranes. further will form everything that the fetus needs to develop as the amniotic fluid, the placenta and the membranes that provide the fetus with a protected environment. Typically, the mother suspects that she is pregnant by the absence of rule and confirm it when a pregnancy test which will be positive due to the natural hormonal changes of gestational state.


It is then time to request a first appointment to the medical professionals of your reference health center that usually occurs in week five.

It is a still very delicate moment and hemorrhages may occur that do not mean the loss of the baby, although there may also be a spontaneous abortion. Bleeding in this first trimester is considered a threat of abortion and has no treatment, but it should be noted that in most cases pregnancies come to term without any problem despite having had some type of bleeding.

As in the previous week, it is usual to notice abdominal discomfort as if the period were coming, there is fluid retention, aches and punctures as well as tension in the chest. The hormonal changes They can also produce mood swings and more fatigue, as well as drowsiness. These symptoms will be more or less usual during the first weeks.

Care of the mother

In this week the mother is aware of the pregnancy and if she has not adopted healthy life habits It's time to do it. It is shown that it is easier to change habits in the community, so it is highly recommended that if the mother lives as a couple both commit to improve health. Especially, in the case of smokers. The mother, in addition to give up smoking must move away from environments loaded with tobacco because the smoke that she inhales will affect the baby, hence the importance of the couple also accompany him in this decision to quit smoking.

In the case of women who practice sports with certain intensity, it is not necessary to stop doing it, but to consult what to avoid and use a heart rate monitor as a control formula if necessary. Extreme efforts are dangerous, so sports or jobs that require heavy lifting or peaks of intensity should be evaluated by professionals.

The best is maintain an active life with soft sport. Swimming or walks are great allies for a healthy life. Whether you are already an athlete or not, you can start here while you have your first medical consultation to make you the most accurate recommendations. A balanced diet and one good hydration they will complete the pillars for a healthy pregnancy.

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