Pedro Almodóvar reveals that a priest tried to abuse him as a child

He has spoken loud and clear about a chapter in his life that was neither easy nor pleasant. Perhaps, the most complicated of all that has shared with the public. Pedro Almodovar He has narrated how a priest tried to abuse him when he was just a child.

The filmmaker has taken advantage of an interview with the Italian edition of 'Vanity Fair' to narrate that episode with which he can help, very much, people who have been involved in a similar situation. "I remember at least 20 children who suffered bullying at school. They also tried with me, but I always escaped. There was a priest who always gave me his hand to kiss her. I never did it, "he explains.

There was a priest who always gave me his hand to kiss her "

"The cases were so concrete and numerous that the school management had to intervene, and what did they do? They changed the center priests. There was no punishment. They cover each other. They did it and they continue doing it ", sentence, denouncing that nobody did anything to separate those people.

But there is still more, because Almodóvar relates that he went to another priest to tell him what happened and ask for help and the answer was: "He asked for understanding and told me not to talk to anyone about it. But how do you understand an adult who behaves like that? "

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