This has changed Bradley Cooper's fatherhood

Bradley Cooper It has had a busy start to the year. Su 'feeling' with Lady Gaga in 'A Star is Born', a film that he directs and interprets with the artist, caused him to start talking about a possible relationship between them, with Irina Shayk, the actor's wife, as the center of all eyes. Rumors that intensified after seeing the performance of both on the stage of the Oscar Awards.

Both denied that there was anything more than good vibes, friendship and empathy when working together. So much of the latter, that we could see them together in a work project. Bradley denied that they were going to tour together in the Ellen DeGeneres program, but he did not deny that he has some ideas to be able to continue collaborating with her.

"Do you know what I thought it might be good to do some night? Make a live reading of the film and sing all the songs while reading the script. It could be at the Hollywood Bowl or something, "he told the presenter.

Beyond that relationship with the singer and the projects that could arise between them, Cooper spoke about his role as a father and how much his life has changed since he arrived in the world Lea, the only daughter that, at the moment, has together the Russian model. "Being a father changed me from all points of view, because it allowed me to embrace my childhood side without any fear of judgment, "he said on the television program.

"I can play with toys all day or see the cartoons without stopping and without thinking that I'm wasting my life. I love cartoons! "He added, highlighting how wonderful it was in childhood innocence.

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