Bárbara Rey puts her house for sale

Near 700,000 euros is what he asks Bárbara Rey for his villa in the Madrid town of Boadilla del Monte. That mythical property in which, as she has reported on numerous occasions, entered an espionage service to take documents and tapes that could demonstrate a major scandal in this country.

Yes, it has that little dot of curiosity, but, in addition, the house has nothing less than 474 square meters built and almost 700 more of garden. Undoubtedly, a piece of mansion for those who can afford it and, at the same time, do a favor to a Barbara who seems to be looking for income in a desperate way.

Because a few days ago it showed that he would have loved to go to the island of 'Sueprvivientes'. But of course, not at any price. And you already know that the economic effort that has been made from Bulldog and Mediaset to convert Isabel Pantoja in the brightest star in Honduras, has left almost no room for maneuver to face another heavyweight as would have been Barbara.

King must have been short the 3,000 euros that you have requested for the rent of this villa in recent years. Come on, whoever enters the house or takes over it, will also have to make an investment in reforming it.

Rey does not need this house, since in recent years he has moved between Marbella and his Totana (Murcia) natal. The houses you have there are not exactly modest. Especially that of Marbella, on the beachfront and in the middle of the Golden Mile of the coastal town of Málaga.

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