The controversial letter of the Irish Prime Minister to Kylie Minogue

The visit of Minogue Kylie Dublin last October was a success. The expectation was maximum in the Irish town. In all the Irish people. And we emphasize the 'everything', because even the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, I was wishing that the singer step on the ground of his country.

We know this because, although he has worked hard to keep it from coming to light, the newspaper 'The Irish Mail' published last Sunday the contents of a letter sent to him, as a fan but with an official sheet with government letterhead, Kylie to try to welcome you.

"Dear Kylie, I just wanted to leave you a short note before the concert in Dublin, I'm really looking forward to it. I am a great fan! I understand that you will be at the Merrion Hotel, which is just across the street from my office in government buildings. If you wish, I would love to welcome you to Ireland personally ", are the lines that can be read.

Despite the fact that from his team of advisers they claimed that Varadkar's words were in a personal capacity, the fact that he used that folio with letterhead is what has led to the controversy, accusing him of hiding information from the Irish people.

While the scandal is rampant, the prime minister is on an official visit to France. Will he clarify something when he returns? He did it shortly after that Minogue concert, which he attended. It was said that Leo had been to dinner and to have a few drinks during the course of it.

He answered with a very strong tweet, assuring that everything consumed, he had paid out of pocket. "I have been informed by a social media publication that I had had a free meal at a concert the other night. Is not true. There was no food, we just had drinks and I paid. I have the receipt to prove it, "you could read.

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