Is vaginal orgasm a myth?

The idea that penetration is crucial to having an orgasm and that the penis is responsible for that climax is popular enough. Nothing is further from reality, because the orgasm is not exclusive to one area and we tell you the reason.


According to him Institute of Sexology Incisex "The woman is perfectly capable of feeling an orgasm and it is false that there are women who are considered unfit". And according to them, the female orgasm "is the enjoyment of the erotic excitement manifested somatically through a series of changes in the whole body" Increase in the volume of the breasts, lubrication in the genital areas, change of coloration in the clitoris and nipples. And all with a sense of general pleasure.


There is much controversy about the area that provides that pleasure and, in fact, labels such as: vaginal orgasm, clitoris, etc. appear. Well, according to the Incisex, there is no such difference because there is only one pleasure: the general pleasure. The orgasm usually lasts a few seconds, in which there are women who lose even knowledge. For some, an orgasm is a devouring sensation that makes you moan and scream and for others, it is a moment of getting lost and swimming in that moment. There are also those who live it more calmly and live it as the experience of feeling penetrated and full.


What is clear, according to science, is that in the end the orgasm is a brain issue since, without the sending of nervous impulses to the spinal cord and the brain, they would not exist. On the other hand, the most involved female physical organ is the clitoris, because only in it there are more than 8,000 nerve endings and therefore its stimulation is very necessary.

According to these theories there would be no types of orgasm but a source of pleasure and the key is to enjoy it as one satisfies you. "The biggest obstacle to this enjoyment is the hurry. For this reason, another factor to take into account is that all pleasure and all happiness needs a relaxing and calm climate ", highlights the team of experts from Incisex.

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