The day Toñi Moreno thought she was "professionally dead"

The day it was announced that Toñi Moreno I would stop presenting 'Live life' to leave her space to Emma García and she leave to 'Women and men and vice versa', the lament of Telecinco weekend space audience resounded with a roar. The Cádiz had managed to win her heart and pull a new project that came to fill the complicated void that left on the grid María Teresa Campos.

However, Toñi has lived bad moments on the small screen. Very bad. How it can happen to anyone in his professional career. The presenter confessed them to Samanta Villar in space 'Life with Samanta', bringing to light that moment in which he thought he could never reconnect with the public.

I lost faith in myself "

Failure is not easy to assume, and she experienced it with that 'Among all' of TVE that did not know how to connect with the viewers. That was a spin, "he confessed. "I finished TVE doing 'Entre todos' and I saw myself at home. I thought she was professionally dead ", it was opened before his companion of Four. "I came to the production companies with formats, with scripts and I saw the faces of the people who thought of me as a 'poor thing,'" he added.

"I started thinking that the one that failed was me, that I did not like it anymore. I was emotionally devastated. I lost faith in myself. He did not recognize me, "he confessed, opening his heart to that audience with whose favor he does now.

Luckily, life gives more opportunities. Today, Moreno, has regained faith in herself and in her work. Now, at 45, he only has one priority dream to fulfill: to be a mother.

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