Are you vegan? Everything you need to know before sex

It seems that interest in the environment and animal welfare is no longer a matter for a few. About a quarter of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 have become vegans during the past year, according to a BOL Foods study, along with 14% of those over 50 according to Bupa Health Clinics. In Spain, for example, orders for vegan food they have increased 160% according to Deliveroo.

But this lifestyle that is based on respect for animals no longer only applies to the creation of a diet based on products that are not of animal origin. The demand for alternatives to skin or animal hair has also grown considerably in recent years. Last February the city of Los Angeles hosted the first week of the vegan fashion, where we could find original alternatives that respect animal welfare, while the slogan ''Eat pussy is vegan'' I disconcerted a few and brought the pro animal movement closer to the world of eroticism.


"We created Bijoux Indiscrets in 2006 with the aim of finding alternatives to materials of animal origin and to reduce to the maximum the products with this type of component" comments Elsa Viegas co-founder and designer of Bijoux Indiscrets, brand of accessories, cosmetics and intimate toys of Barcelona .

His latest collection of harnesses: MAZE, is made of polyurethane, an alternative to leather that maintains the quality and design of these accessories. The material is breathable, so they can be worn on the skin, on lingerie or on any piece of clothing.


In terms of cosmetics, more specifically to intimate cosmetics, the world of eroticism is turning the tables and every time we find more products that opt ​​for vegetable and natural ingredients, in their formulas. Massage candles from Bijoux Indiscrets do not contain beeswax but almond and coconut oil that not only maintains that vegan character of the brand but also allows to keep the temperature of the flame low, so that when applying the oil it does not burn, hydrate and also take care of the skin.

Y The condoms?

If you have not had a vegan approach you will be surprised to know that most of the condoms present in the market NOT suitable for vegans, because they contain casein.

The casein it is nothing more than a protein derived from milk, which is used to make condoms softer and more flexible / elastic. The consequence is that if you are vegan or have allergies or lactose intolerance, you should avoid traditional condoms and choose one of the alternatives suitable for you.

Vegan condoms are made without casein or other elements of animal origin.

¿How do you know that the condom is vegan?

You should pay attention to the fact that the brand has:

1. A seal or vegan certification (it is the best guarantee)

2. Usually these brands openly declare their ingredients (absolute transparency, such as Green Condom Club)

3. Offer models of latex-free condoms (do not carry casein)


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