Paula Echevarría has the most impressive party dress of the favorite firm of Cristina Pedroche

Paula Echevarría he finds himself living intensely during Holy Week in Malaga with his partner Miguel Torres, with whom he recently shared one of his most romantic photographs on Instagram.

Amores a parte, the actress has made us go crazy (again) for another of the dresses that has shown up in your account Instagram, although this time it is not his favorite low cost signature or Stradivarius, which does not separate to show off with all his jeans.

The one who was the protagonist of 'Velvet' has shared on Instagram Stories a selfie in the foreground with a beauty look with smoky eyes and pink lips that combines perfectly with the garment that made us jump the alarms and from which only the upper part is appreciated. It is a dress? Is it a blazer? We did not know until we found her on the website of the favorite signature of Cristina Pedroche: Capriche.

Paula Echevarría with the most impressive dress in her wardrobe. instagram stories

The party dress by Paula Echevarría It is one of the most impressive that has appeared to date. It is crossed at the waist so it leaves a super sexy necklineIt is velvet, it has Much "brilli brilli", is trend thanks to its ruffles and the blue tone will highlight your tan.

Paula Echevarría in the Holy Week of Malaga with the Capriche dress. gtres

A garment that is an authentic fantasy for those special events in which you will be the center of all eyes. Fíchalo to survive at halftime with much styling and combine it with a stiletto to be the most elegant. Cost 159.90 euros and is available in all sizes. Buy it now or laméntalo forever!

Capriccio Basari dress. (159.90 euros). capriche

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