The famous celebrate the triumph of the 'invisible beauty'

It is no secret: Tacha Beauty it has become the temple of beauty of famous and influencers like Paula Echevarría, Maribel Verdú, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Blanca Suárez, Marta Hazas, Nuria Roca, Juana Acosta, María Pombo, Paula Ordovás, Marta Carriedo or Alba Díaz. There have passed celebrities of all ages to test their irresistible face activated carbon masks and their effective treatments to reduce cellulite or to put yourself in the hands of the best stylists and make a change of look without fears, among many other services they offer.

We are the worst with prejudice and she has taught me not to judge. "

maribel verdú

Now, its founder Natalia de la Vega She has just published a new book that she presented this Tuesday in Madrid with her family, friends and more special clients. 'Invisible beauty' (Ed. RBA) does not talk about beauty, talks about the history, life and experience of an enterprising woman who has achieved success despite the adversities.

"Reading it, I used to put my hands to my head, but it's just that Is real, it's like that, "explains Maribel Verdú about the book and adds about Natalia:" She's one of my best friends, she's the most generous, good and natural person I've ever met. We are the worst with prejudice and she has taught me not to judge".

And that is just the attitude of the businesswoman most loved by the other famous guests, who agreed on that overwhelming personality that catches and invites you once you enter one of its centers You want to come back again and again. "This book is the rational explanation of why he was so comfortable in Tacha, Natalia has created a small oasis in the middle of Madrid ", says Marta Hazas.

The key to success?

Natalia de la Vega has not only created a community of clients faithful and passionate with the beauty world, but that has turned Tacha almost into a therapy center. "In this life we ​​all have problems, it is easier to open up to people who do not know you, in a beauty center inside a booth, where nobody knows you, many things are counted, I do not give advice but I think listening is very important and when you listen you are helping too, "explains Natalia.

The businesswoman has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram, Another factor that has helped her grow: "Thanks to the social networks we have one visibility that we did not have years ago, I still have well-known clients who prefer not to expose themselves and of whom I also speak in my book, "he concludes.

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