We have the trick of Victoria Beckham that resuscitates any look

His spring collection made it very clear: although Victoria Beckham it does not move a millimeter of its minimalist and refined style, in a matter of colors it risks the most. Already we did the wave when we saw how he combined reddish red pants with a light blue blouse, amazing mix where they are. And today we give jumps of joy because it gives us two new ideas to update, by way of color, our outfits. Attention, because the two photos that you have posted this week are also super inspiring.

Another radical color game by Victoria Beckham: red and olive green. INSTAGRAM

We like everything of the 'belfie' that Victoria Beckham decided to upload this week to her Instagram profile and in which we see her dressed irreproachably cocktail, getting on his huge car. We can not think of a better idea of ā€‹ā€‹styling than to combine the olive green of a dress totally minimalist, with lounge shoes a very vivid red. The contrast is fantastic, and convinces us to corner the rescuers forever black pumps to which we resorted for this type of formal outings.

The best way to update the camel: with some pink shoes. VICTORIA BECKHAM

With total coherence, Victoria Beckham uses the same chromatic turn to give a new meaning to the recurring outfits in camel. It is a look that can be a bit boring and predictable, but with the Beckham trick it reaches an unexpected interest and even acquires a fun touch. Is not it a genius to add some high-heeled shoes fuchsia?

In Zalando we found some high-heeled fuchsia salon. ZALANDO

If you dare to clone the beauties of Victoria Beckham, Zalando has in his spring collection some very high heels (10 centimeters), also with the sharp toe and in various colors, including the fuchsia pink and red we were looking for. They are of the Mykel brand and are not expensive at all: ā‚¬ 39.95.

A more discreet version of the fuchsia salons, also in Zalando. ZALANDO

If so much heel is too much for you, there is another option more discreet also in Zalando. It is about shoes with platform (one and a half centimeters) and rounded toe, much more comfortable (7.5 cm heel). They are from the Gabor brand and the price is somewhat more expensive: 79.95 euros.

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