Mery Turiel has the key to transform a basic look into the most elegant

It is not always easy to have garments or 'looks' in the wardrobe for every occasion that is presented to us, so generally what we usually have in our 'closet' are all those basic garments that are able to adapt to any 'look' and that do not depend on fashions or trends.

But how many times have we emerged from work? some event that we did not expect and that demands a change of style that we can not always achieve. And is that you do not always have time to go home and change our styling completely. That's when we have to transform it with certain key basic garments that add small modifications to our 'look' and it seems that Once again Mery Turiel has inspired us to achieve it.

How? Because with a simple look 'total black', a white coat and sandals with a heel in a light brown color. A mix of clothes very easy to copy with which you can get in seconds a 'lookazo' of 10 and super elegant.

In this case the 'influencer' he has combined two neutral colors in his style (black and white) with brown of his sandals. A perfect way to give that look more attractive to the look with a tone that out of tune with the rest of the colors.

You already have everything you need to transform your look! casual in the most elegant What are you waiting for to create your own styling?

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