The first picture of Guillermo Martín's son

Guillermo Martín and Lidia Reyes They have become one of the few couples - not to mention the only one - that began to emerge in 'Operación Triunfo' and love lasts until today. In addition, he is the first child born of the fruit of the musical program.

"There was a child with eyes glued. You already have one month and two days. Tremble world coming Willy!", wrote the father, excited, not forgetting his time in the program that marked the life of both him and his girl, affirming that his child is" the winner of 'OT' worldwide. "The mother, on the other hand, She has still presented, although she used to show the evolution of her pregnancy by Instagram.

Both participated in 'Operación Triunfo 2005', the first edition of the contest issued on Telecinco, in which Sergio Rivero He was proclaimed winner. At that moment love arose and they began their relationship to get married in 2016 in Córdoba. His time in the program together was not very long: Guillermo Martín was in tenth place of the program, while Lidia Reyes had more luck and stayed for three more weeks, remaining seventh.

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