This is the sexiest top of the season to show off your back

Go preparing your 'Wishlist'in Zara because this asymmetric top with halter neck and bare back is going to become one of the viral tops of the season. and we do not say it, the innumerable 'influencers' say that they already have it and they shine it, yes, with Cowboys.

Top of Zara: 22.95 euros. d.

It's about a printed top of the new collection of Zara that is tied around the neck and leaves the whole of the back exposed, so go forgetting the bra if you want to wear this piece as it really is. Our favorite has been Cristina Pérez, a influencer Andalusian who has worn it with high-heeled jeans and high-heeled sandals. But you can choose to wear it with a flat shoe or even with sneakers. Surely the result is equally good.

In addition, there are those who have dared to wear it with the elephant leg pants that have the same pattern on the top. And we also like it! It is available from the size XS to XL and costs 22.95 euros. Record how they have taken and mold this beautiful top to your style. It's a sure bet!

The 'influencer' Mayka Martos with set of Zara. d.


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