Do not compare yourself with other couples

"I've been with my partner for 8 years and we've lived together for 3 years, every time I see everything that other couples do on social networks and we do not, I get depressed ... Let's say I've become obsessed," wrote an anonymous in a couples forum. Cases very similar to this occur every day, although with different scenarios. Maybe you feel a failed to be in pajamas, watching series, while your social networks are filled with couples contemplating a sunset on a paradisiacal beach. The truth is that neither everything is so perfect nor your life so dark.

It's normal to compare yourself with others, it's something we inevitably do, but the problem comes when we become obsessed with it and we enter an endless maze of comparisons turning the situation into a routine that will only cause problems.


Remember that we all show the best face of our lives, surely they also have sofa evenings in their pajamas.

Wanting to copy those supposed perfect lives will only lead you to feel frustrated, disappointed and will not let you go. Being constantly attentive to what others are doing can harm you in many ways: "While we look at others, we do not look at ourselves, at our relationship, we can even begin to generate insecurity and impotence in our lives and in that of our companion. "explains psychologist Paula Rueda.


Envy others obsessively, sometimes it's a sign that something is not right. Maybe your relationship is going through a bad time or you have a lack. What you should do is pay attention and try to take care of your mental health. "When you're not as happy as you dreamed, You must be honest and ask yourself what is going on and do it at all levels. Whether it is something of your own, or if it has to do with your partner, you have to understand and correct it. If it is not possible, then you have to think about a separation. We deserve to be happy, "explains psychologist María Velasco.

So stop comparing. Enjoy what you have, and if you are not completely comfortable try to change it. Be honest with yourself and your partner and remember that not everything that glitters is gold.


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