5 reasons to go to the gym and have fun!

We have landed squarely in the time of year when the hurry for the bikini operation is urgent and with it the mantra of "I need to go to the gym!" Here we give you 5 good reasons to go and enjoy the gym.

1.- It will increase your self-esteem because you will see better: improving our physical condition makes us feel more secure about ourselves. In spite of that, it is understandable that after a long day, consider going to the gym and especially think about removing makeup produce a lot of laziness. To remove makeup in the gym? Yes! Sweating and makeup is a time bomb. Clogged pores can only lead to pimples, pimples and fat ... FOREO, famous for its facial beauty devices, knows it.

The Swedish brand has created the Active Beauty concept: keep the body and skin in shape. With its facial cleansing devices, in just one minute the skin looks more radiant, thanks to the unique combination of T-Sonic pulsations and ultra-hygienic silicone contact points, which gently exfoliate dead cells, makeup, sebum and impurities.

FOREO recommends us to also cleanse the face after exercising to eliminate all toxins of the skin. Try LUNA Mini 2 to get an extraordinary skin all day long and you will see how it becomes a must in your gym bag.

2.- You will feel joy and wellbeing: physical exercise releases a sufficient amount of endorphins responsible that at the end of the gym session you feel happy and well. Dopamine is also produced, a neurotransmitter responsible for getting "hooked" to the gym.


3.- You will meet people: and, who knows, even your soul mate! In fact, according to the survey conducted by FOREO to more than 2,000 people in 30 different countries, 70% admit that their main motivation to go to the gym is to find love.

4.- You will sleep much better: a good gym session generates serotonin, the sleep hormone, ensuring a restful sleep. We will wake up with better mood and with a fresh and radiant look.

5. Improve your health: last but not least, perform physical exercise continuously improves physical condition and vital signs. Fundamental for a life with quality!

Although there are many more reasons to go to the gym, these 5 are enough to put into practice the mantra "I have to go to the gym".

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