Successes and makeup errors that change the size of the eyes

Disguise, enhance, lose weight, volumize ... The uses of makeup throughout their history they have become infinite at the time of improve our appearance. If the nose and cheeks are looking for a tuning and reducing effect thanks to the contouring, the opposite happens completely in the eyes, a make perfect should open and enlarge the look notably. And the reality is that there are many makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger than sure you did not know.

"They constantly ask me for advice on how to make eyes look bigger with makeup, these steps will help. techniques to keep the eye from looking smaller", Explain Huda Kattan, founder of the cosmetics firm Huda Beauty and one of the most influential bloggers / influencers in the world of beauty through social networks. (Only on Instagram accumulates more than 36 million followers). And is that not only is he triumphing with his makeup line, but dares to try and innovate with any new technique, like the day he tried to curl his hair with a plastic bottle in a minute.

Now a new video, which has hung so much in Youtube like in Instagram TV, on how to enlarge the look He has driven all his followers crazy. Because not only has he taught what must be done, but also what must not be done to commit those makeup errors They can spoil any beauty look. Tab all the tricks!

Make good use of the concealer

If you are going to use corrector on the eyelids, do it effectively. It is not only about correcting small imperfections, but about taking advantage of them to enlarge the look. Apply directly on the almond of the eye with a color similar to the tone of your makeup base. If it is a very white tone the eye will look much smaller when absorbed by light.

Stroking the eyelids

Huda Beauty recommends that you continue with earth tones and makeup on the eyelids. It's very important contour the eyelid to create a light and shadow effect that volumizes the brow bone and deepens the eye socket. "With this technique I can gain space between the eyebrow and the eye with which you will notice a big difference", explains the make-up artist.


The illumination It is one of the most important steps when it comes to making eyes look bigger. Huda Beauty explains that it's as simple as applying a little bit of highlight or bright shade in light tones on the eyelid, under the arch of the eyebrow and the lacrimal eye. The error would be to apply a black shadow directly on the entire mobile eyelid. "This kind of dark shadow absorbs all the light in the area so the eyes will look very small," he says in the video.

Eyeliner and eyeliner

Sometimes you tend to think that a eyeliner thicker highlights the look, but Huda shows that this is a mistake. Ideally, a thin and stylized eyeliner to create a "false line of eyelashes" that starts with a small peak in the lacrimal. As for the pencils, forget the dark tones on the water line. Use the White color to gain a millimeter of space.

Eyelash Mask

For Huda it is the most important step and the biggest mistake you can make is to skip it. The eyelashes help to enlarge the eyes and to enhance the look. She uses the false for better results. Ready to try at home?

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