Sexual postures inspired by Game of Thrones you must try

With the premiere of the eighth season of the most famous series of all time (at least, the most instagrammed, with the permission of 'Friends') has come the war for spoilers, the fight for nobody to tell a chapter that you have not seen and the wait to see if your favorite characters succumb or not to passion.

For that reason, and waiting for the sex scenes to remain at the same level (sublime, go) this season, there are some sexual postures inspired by the seven kingdoms. Sit on your throne and ... Enjoy!


Dance of dragons

You are at the height of the sexual encounter and you want to feel like a queen. Very simple, sit on the face of your partner to perform oral sex ... sure it reminds you of a specific scene.

Valar Dohaeris

Following its literal meaning '' all men must serve '' let your partner give you pleasure. If he sits with his legs extended and his back against the wall while you ride him, he will have free way to give you pleasure with his hands and mouth.

Petyr Baelish

You are naughty? Let your partner play with your fingers in your anus and penetrate gently with your little finger in the position that you like.


The game of the kingdoms

Do the scissors with your partner. With this posture, no penetration is necessary, with friction enough. The key? Interlace the legs gently.

Real greeting

Do you want to try a sexual position to receive oral sex? Unleash your imagination while watching the series. Stand up and raise a leg to a chair and let your partner bend to make you enjoy.

Daenerys Targaryen

Mount your partner while lying in bed. Feel a queen while you do it and let yourself go.


Fight for the throne

Show who is the worthy heir to the throne and make your partner feel in it. From behind, let me penetrate you and enjoy. You can discuss who the future king is later.

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