The three unconventional sexual practices that are booming

Sex evolves constantly. Although the main foundations of sexual relations remain intact, the truth is that every day people discover and carry out practices hitherto unknown to them. The new generations innovate, have a more open mind and launch themselves to try new experiences.

"In the pursuit of pleasure, innovate and try new things is essential to not stagnate. In the last 10 years, sex has undergone a radical change driven, mainly, by the will to know and have new sensations, "says Alberto Gooding, of LELO, the brand of luxury erotic toys.

"In fact, society increasingly shows a greater ability to reach the climax in completely different ways, which a few years ago would have had no place in their own sexual repertoire," he adds.


Three sexual practices unconventional, but very pleasant and booming:

1. Cuckold: Infidelities are one of the main reasons behind the breakdown of infinity of couples. However, cuckold or cuckolding is a new paradigm in sexual relationships. This practice is that a woman with a couple hold relationships with a third party spoiled form. In this sense, there are several possibilities, since usually the woman tells her partner what she has experienced during this meeting or, in some cases, the other person plays the role of spectator of the interaction with a third party. . This new trend, incredible as it may seem, makes increase the excitement of both.

2. Pegging: Consists of a exchange of roles where the women perform anal penetration to the man, either with some type of erotic toy (dildo or harness) or with the finger. The reason why this sexual practice is increasingly known is that offers a double pleasure. On the one hand, stimulation of the P point occurs through anal penetration (Prostate P, equivalent to the female G-spot), which gives man a much more intense and pleasant climax. On the other hand, the woman happens to take a most dominant position, which increases your level of excitement. However, the main drawbacks of this practice lie in the fear that many men feel to be stigmatized and pigeonholed in a sexual inclination different from theirs, as well as the social rejection that many of the people who enjoy with it may suffer from. more traditional sectors.

3. Fisting: This is undoubtedly the most "wild" sexual practice. Fisting, which has a sadomasochistic origin, consists of the introduction of the fist into the vagina, although in the most extreme cases it is possible to introduce part of the arm. It is even done in the anus. Valérie Tasso, ambassador of LELO in Spain, emphasizes that "fisting is one of the most complex practices and that they require a higher level of knowledge, especially in cases where 'penetration' occurs throughout the year. In this sense, it is important to emphasize that, anatomically, the anus is not prepared for it, so it is very likely that injuries of some kind will occur if it is practiced without prior preparation. "

Regarding these sexual practices so booming, Valérie Tasso stressed that "they have always existed, but it is true that we are witnessing a 'rediscovery of the extreme'Among the Spaniards. Also, if today someone can imagine some sexual practice without batteries, that has already been done. "

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