Ana Obregón ends up crying when she dedicates an award to her son, Álex Lequio

It has sensitivity to the skin. It is not for less. He spent six months in New York with his son, Alex Lequio, who was fighting against cancer. His life was that. Away from her family and living by and for him. Being his only close support. Holding each other. And vice versa. So it's no wonder that Ana Obregón gets excited.

It happened yesterday. Ana picked up the Orange Award, awarded to the most sympathetic character of the heart by the Primera Plana media. With the award in his hands, he pronounced: "I want to dedicate this recognition to my son, who has given me a lesson in life. For his smile, his strength and his desire to live. It's for you, Alessandro! Live life!".

And be excited. Ana, who surely came to mind those bad times, ended up shed some logical tears. We also saw how they fell when he sat down in front of Carlos Sobera in 'Volverte a ver' and to tell about this hard experience.

The actress, in addition, wanted to recognize the respect and affection that the press has had with her and with her son during all these months. For this, those media that we make the social chronicle, we deserve a reward just like yours. We doubt it. Obregón there is only one, and she has also given us a very important lesson in this long year of fighting while the procession went inside.

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