You are mother? You need a vacation without children

Being a mother is a 24-hour job during the seven days that you have a week. Especially when the children are small. They have - together with their partner - to be aware of their needs, to take care of them when they are ill, review homework, bathe them, feed them, put them to sleep, etc ... These are some of the duties that can be extremely demanding, there is not a moment of the day without you can completely forget your responsibilities and that ends up causing many mothers do not have the necessary rest.

Being a mother is a demanding job and if that's what you add stress daily by traffic, economy, profession, couple etc. the most likely thing is that collapse and soon his mental and physical health begins to be undermined.


"Motherhood can be very stressful, be it financial tensions, tensions of time; try to do a lot in a very short period of time ... this is why it is really important that mothers rejuvenate and refresh themselves, "explains Dr. Nava Silton, professor of Psychology at Marymount Manhattan College.

According to their experience, mothers often need a recharge of energy, which not only helps them improve their physical health, have more energy but also gives them peace of mind. She recommends some 'momcation'(the union of mom in English and vacation, holidays in English), that is to say a vacation of the roll of mother, or vacations without children.


Wanting to "get away" from your children may sound strong, but the truth is that the burden of being a mother is very intense and it is not about abandoning them. The important thing is to remove that guilt by leaving them and learn to dedicate a little time to you, to pamper yourself and take care of yourself.

A recent report found that the number of parents among 40 and 50 years They took vacations without their children had grown. They have been baptized as the 'Honeyboomers'And the reasons that tend to be used to do so basically go through a parenthesis of rest and relaxation.

"A trip alone is a good opportunity for the reunion. And to remember that in addition to being a family, they are a couple. And what better to remember being away from the obligations and the daily routine, enjoying the romanticism and intimacy without interruption, "said the specialist.


On the other hand, Silton He added that this is a therapy that also brings benefits to children who, being away from their mothers, are forced to resolve situations on their own.

"It is important that children see that balance that, ideally, needs to be achieved in the family situation," he said.


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