Priyanka Chopra gives it all in her first concert of the Jonas Brothers

The musical panorama premiered March with the return of one of the most followed adolescent groups of the last decade: Hermanos Jonas. Despite never having separated from the music, the group has decided to recall and rejoin the premiere of 'Sucker', a theme whose video clip has the presence of each of their partners: Sophie Turner -Joe-, Danielle Delease -Kevin- and Priyanka Chopra -Nick-.

The passion of Priyanka Chopra for the songs of 'los Jonas' does not seem to come long, but the return to the music of his recent husband and his brothers, has made him become your number 1 fan. At least that's what the actress wanted to show on her Instagram, also confessing that the concert held on Sunday night in Atlanta, he was the first to enjoy the band.

"My first concert of the Jonas Brothers ... and it was amazing! I'm so proud of these guys!", he confessed with illusion. A phrase that he shared with the word 'family', with which he seems to have a lot of affinity. In the publication, it brought to light two photos, one with the artists and another accompanied by the rest of the family: the parents and the fourth brother, Frankie.

The relationship between the actress and the singer seems to go from strength to strength, and even more since they were married last December, an enviable three-day wedding where they represented the best of roots: India and the West. So, this is not the only couple that has made marriage plans lately, because the middle of the brothers, Joe, and Sophie Turner are fully committed to the preparation of their weddingthat, after postponing it, it will be celebrated in the next months and that he himself confessed in the program of James Corden, "It will be a summer wedding".

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