Do you have these symptoms? Surely you lack selenium

Some symptoms can lead to confusion between ailments and if you have noticed your brittle nails, extreme tiredness, hair loss and muscle weakness you may be suffering from a selenium deficit and not realizing.

The function of selenium in the body

It is a key mineral for the human body, however few people include enough selenium in their diet to maintain a good level in the blood.

Selenium improves the absorption of nutrients by the body, facilitates digestion and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Eating foods rich in selenium in combination with Vitamin C also help prevent and control asthma.

Is one of those responsible for maintaining healthy nails and hair, it is also recommended to consume foods rich in selenium to patients with prostate cancer (and for its prevention) for its antioxidant effect that favors cell regeneration.


Symptoms of selenium deficiency

It is a common deficiency among the population, especially in vegan and vegetarian diets, in women and among people who do not include gluten in your diet.

What can cause a selenium deficit in the body? First can alter the thyroid gland since it needs selenium to produce the hormone T3 responsible for the metabolic process.

It is also an indispensable mineral to maintain good neuronal health and a lack of selenium causes poor communication between neurons which would result in mental confusion, lack of clarity, concentration and memory loss. This occurs because selenium is essential to synthesize selenoproteins that participate in brain functions.

By having less selenium in your body You can feel apathy, anxiety and a low mood, being able to be confused with another ailment. It can also cause fatigue and muscle weakness since the lack of selenium favors an excess of oxidation that reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood.


Your hair will also be affected if you have selenium deficiency in your body as it helps to regenerate the body's cells and tissues thanks to its antioxidant power, the result will be an undesirable loss of hair.

This antioxidant process also It is very important to keep skin and nails strong and beautiful so having low levels of selenium will have the effect of brittle nails, fragile and pale skin.

If you suffer recurrent colds in autumn-winter may be a symptom of a lack of selenium in your body Ask your doctor for an analytical test to check your blood mineral levels.

Foods rich in selenium

In the absence of selenium, or to ensure optimum levels, Choose to include selenium-rich foods in your diet such as Brazil nuts, shiitake mushrooms, tuna, nuts, wheat germ, onion, garlic, chia seeds, flax, sesame or brown rice.

Brazilian nuts pixabay

If you suffer some of the symptoms that we have exposed, it could be that the cause is a deficit of selenium and with increasing in your diet the intake of foods rich in selenium you can reverse the problem. With a simple analysis you can discard or confirm this deficiency to remedy it.

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