The reason why Julio Ruz left the set of 'GH Duo'

Julio Ruz and María Jesús Ruiz had promised a cordial relationship inside the house. She was willing to go where she has come, to win 'GH Duo', but Julio was in love and his blindness led him to commit very serious errors by those who expelled him from the program.

He has recognized them and asked for forgiveness. Whether it is enough or not is to the consumer's liking. But what is clear is that his most difficult battle has been with the mother of María Jesús who, without doing so publicly, exerted pressure on the contestant behind the scenes. Ylenia already accused him once and this has not been less.

To the surprise of many, suddenly, Julio Ruz had disappeared from the set of the program. "What happened to Julio? I ask you", says Jordi González directly to the mother of María Jesús, and she pretends she does not understand what she is referring to. defender of the lost causes was there and that cause was not going to be less.

"I hear that she was messing with him underneath but I do not know why she is not here now, "Ylenia told Jordi. Although, as always, the mother of María Jesús did not want to admit that this had happened. "I have not gotten him underneath because everything is recorded", it was justified.

The best thing is that just before Julio left the set, they had been talking about the true cause of his expulsion. And he said very sincerely to María Jesús: "They expelled me because you entered the confessional and you said that you were harassed by me"Although the miss did not want to admit it and accused the program of having manipulated the images with a:"That's a lie. I always defended you. "

"We have a lot of time to talk and many things so that I am here," insisted Julio Ruz and it seems that this to Juani, mother of Mary Jesus did not like it. Will you explain publicly why you left the set of 'GH Duo'?

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