Hard criticism of Kiko Rivera for his message of encouragement to those who suffer from addictions

Who was I going to tell Kiko Rivera that an optimistic message like yours was going to cause such a stir - what can you remember here? The 'DJ', who confessed during his stay at the house of 'GH Duo' what had overcome a drug addiction, wanted to have some words of support to all who are going through something similar at this time.

"This message goes to all those people who go through the illness that I pass, tell them that if you can, thank you for those wonderful messages!", Kiko wrote with an image of him. What was wrong with his words? Refer to those addictions as illness.

The answers, in a tone of very hard criticism, did not wait. "Kiko, what illness did you have? You had a hook for the drug, period. Disease is a cancer, a tumor ... something that comes without your wanting it, not something that you are looking for while having fun ", can be read in one of those comments next to his publication on Instagram.

"Drugs are not a disease, they are a vice" or "disease, not friend, that's something sought after ... Illness is a flu or a cancer, being addicted or addicted is something sought after, not a disease", are other critical words that have been dedicated to the son of Isabel Pantoja .

Some of your colleagues, like Carolina Sobe or Juan Miguel, they wrote to him supporting him, putting in value that he has dared to be an example of what can be done and encouraging him to pass on all those who have not known how to value this step forward.

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