The address of 'Sálvame', "worried about the weight" of Anabel Pantoja

When Carmen Borrego finished her challenge in 'Sálvame', Kiko Hernández threw the glove at Anabel Pantoja of submitting to something similar. She accepted gladly. It was not because of a weighty issue, that years ago he underwent surgery to deal more easily with his relationship with food, but for something more psychological. However, it seems that it is the diet that is skating the niece of Isabel Pantoja.

It is precisely that diet that must follow what is being skipped and what has caused that from the direction of the program of Telecinco be given a touch of attention. Was Paz Padilla who was in charge of giving him the news of the discontent they had with her because she was not taking it seriously.

"The direction of the program is concerned with the weight of Anabel Pantoja. He does what he wants ", were the presenter's words. "But as it charges per section, He will say that the longer it takes to lose weight the more they will hit him ", Mila Ximénez added, to which she assured that it had not occurred to her.

Anabel Pantoja moments before submitting to the trial of the scale. Telecinco

So, before this brilliant idea, the program management also wanted to give the young woman an ultimatum. "They tell me from the direction of the program that maybe you're running out. If you do not lose weight and do not move forward, this section will be over ", Padilla transmitted.

Will it be enough threat for Anabel to put her batteries?

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