Laura Matamoros gets fed up with criticism for bad mother and responds well

What Laura Matamoros It has become one of the 'influencers' most talked about in our country, it is a reality. Brands know that it has a good legion of 'followers' and they use it, money through, to reach a wider social spectrum.

If we add to that, now, it goes out with someone who understands the subject, as it is Daniel Illescas, it is not surprising that this year she has been invited to Coachella Festival -the drama of her dress-, where, in addition to music, the 'top' influencers of the world panorama go around.

She, very proud, hung an image in her account Instagram next to your partner. Beside it he wrote something as simple as a "My half" that it has served so that the most critical sector feeds it without any kind of attention.

Some have taken advantage of that simple description of the image to accuse her, directly, of neglecting her tasks as a mother. The comment that has made him explode has been: "Poor Matías ... how little he sees his mother". Laura did not cut herself when answering: "How little do you know".

Since she gave birth, a little less than a year ago, the daughter of Kiko Matamoros has measured very much the publications that she made about the minor, to whom try to expose on social networks as little as possible. That is the explanation, for those who want to understand, why Illescas does come out on his board and the child, no.

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