Tense showdown between Omar Montes and Asraf Beno

Asraf Beno on set. Omar Montes, with live connection. Yesterday, 'It's already midday' He lived a moment of tension with crossings of statements and insults between the boyfriend of Chabelita Pantoja and the latest addition to the list of former daughter of Isabel Pantoja.

Everything started with Omar calling Harry Potter to Asraf for the scar that has remained on his forehead after that quarrel in a nightclub in Madrid a month and a half ago, in which he broke a glass in his head. The model counterattacked, and recriminated the singer that was using in the name of Chabelita to gain pull for its participation in 'Survivors'.

Isa calls me every day because you are not worthy as a man "

It was then when Montes released the bombshell: "Isa calls me every day because you are not worthy as a man. Even in intimate moments you put my music and all this I can prove. If I show it, do you leave the TV? "

Before the tension that was being lived, after Beno called "Tin Tin dog " to the ex of his girl, was the presenter of the program, Sonsoles Ónega, who decided to cut the conversation, which was getting very tense.

It is clear that they have outstanding accounts, but the operator of the Telecinco space was not willing to be paid in front of her audience. Omar has made a whole declaration of intentions and we have no doubt that he will give very juicy headlines when you are in front of the cameras on the island.

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