Carlos FalcГі spent the night in police station after a discussion with Esther Doà ± a

An episode not so wonderful is made public as those who imagined the father of Tamara FalcГі and his wife, Esther Doà ± a. Carlos FalcГі, Marquà © s of Grà ± Гnn, has even given explanations of what happened after having spent the night in police station.

The night of February 24 Carlos FalcГі and Esther Doà ± a were at the Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid where, finally, they did not spend the night. Falling the day the guests witnessed a tremendous Discussion between Tamara Falcò's father and his wife. So strong was the discussion that the neighbors called the police. Carlos FalcÃ-passed a night in police station according to account 'LOC'.

He himself has given explanations of what happened because the discussion had gone out of hand. The fact took quite by surprise because Carlos FalcГі and his wife were inseparable after his operation, so much that he came to distance himself from his daughter. The discussion came according to Carlos FalcГі: "On the part of Esther at that time there was a situation of anxiety and pain and the discussion started during dinner".

Taking the discussion to a more private sphere, they ended up raising the voice in the hotel in which they will spend the night. "That night I was at the police station and in the morning I was transferred to another car unit. After hearing the testimony he left me free and without charges".

"It is an inordinate story, we are determined that it does not happen again", according to him himself, that therefore will not happen again, and in addition, he assures that he never had discussions of this type with Esther Doà ± a. Will his daughter have something to say about it?

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