Isabel Jiménez presents her son Hugo: "How lucky you are, little one!"

On Wednesday noon, Informativos Telecinco shared the expected news on their social networks: Isabel Jiménez, one of her best-known presenters, had given birth to her first child. An information that his chain partner, Sonsoles Ónega, also took charge of giving on television from the program 'It's already midday'. Hugo, as the little one is called, is the result of his relationship with the engineer Alejandro Cruz, her husband since 2009.

Hundreds of congratulatory messages have come to the journalist since she had the child, a detail that the presenter wanted to thank in a very special way: with the first picture of the baby of just two days. "Infinite love ... How lucky you are small! You have so many people who love you around you ... # graciasportantocariño #portantosmessajes", he wrote, while pointing out the lucky ones they are.

The journalist, who said goodbye to her informative colleagues a week ago, has been surrounded by all her loved ones in one of the happiest moments of her life. Your friend and ex-partner, Sara Carbonero, dedicated a very special message, with a tender photo of his son Martín touching the gut of the news anchor. "Welcome, little one, you still do not know but you're the luckiest kid in the world", I expressed.

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