Cindy Kimberly: "Taking a picture with Lewis Hamilton does not mean it's my love"

With the echo of a possible romance with the pilot Lewis Hamilton Cindy Kimberly returns to Spain to be the image of the collection of brides Aire Barcelona and dressing in white even if it has no ring to wear. Cindy took advantage of this visit to talk about her dreams and her new life in Los Angeles after the leap to fame that came through a message from Justin Bieber, who was impressed by her beauty.

Heart Seeing her in radiant white as an image of the new collection of Air has brought her memories of when she dreamed of dressing as a bride. Did he do it?

Cindy Kimberly Of course I dreamed of dressing up as a bride, although maybe the difference was that I did not idealize it in a special way because I grew up with a single mother and that gives you another reality. After seeing all the dresses in this collection, they have given me more desire (laughs).

C. What does Cindy dream about now?

C.K. In general, with dedicating myself to what I want ... and having 40 cats by my side.

C. Four years have passed since Justin Bieber will launch her to fame. Do you believe in destiny?

C.K. I've had a fan account for Justin Bieber for four years, and seen what happened. Strongly believe.

C. When you look back, what is the sensation of that moment?

C.K. I do not usually remember it. It was crazy. Although it is true that I was moved by what Justin did, it is also true that it shocked me to see my name in the media, when I was a perfect stranger.

C. Bieber discovered it on Instagram. How would life be without this network?

C.K. In my case I am convinced that it would be different. Maybe I would be studying now. The most curious thing is that it is already in our lives and I do not think I will go anywhere else.

C. Today is image of Air but said that she dreamed of being an actress. Do you still think?

C.K. Of course. I am giving interpretation classes every week in Los Angeles and it is a goal that I want to fulfill. I am preparing thoroughly.

C. How important is beauty?

C.K. Beauty matters for a first impression, but although it sounds like a phrase, what is really beautiful is what is inside. That really matters.

C. His mother was a model. Do you like your career to continue?

C.K. My mother was a model when I was very young, but not when I was a teenager. Even so, I'll tell you that she's happy with my career.

C. What is your best advice?

C.K. Everything he always tells me is thinking the best for me, that's why every word has served me and will serve my whole life.

C. He has lived in Denia, he is of Dutch and Indonesian origin, he travels without stopping ... Where do you feel his house is?

C.K. My house is the people I love and my friends that's why my house is many people and in different places.

"I'm still the same person as before fame"

C. How was Cindy before fame?

C.K. Cindy is still the same person as before fame since I do the same things. What I can not do is go to Denia a lot since I settled in Los Angeles because I'm 16 hours by plane and that makes me come a little for Spain.

C. You have the exotic features of your father. What is your relationship with him?

C.K. I do not want to answer that question.

C. Many media suggest that he has a relationship with pilot Lewis Hamilton. It is true?

C.K. The only thing I am going to comment is that Lewis and I are friends and that the fact that they take a picture of us together does not mean that it is my love because like him I have more friends.

C. Is it easy to combine a relationship with a profession that makes travel so much?

C.K. Yes. Most of the people I relate to have something to do with the entertainment industry and that makes our lifestyle more understandable.

C. On occasion he has reported that he suffered bullying. What advice do you give to those who suffer it?

C.K. I sincerely believe that the one who has a serious problem is the one who harasses, that's why my advice is that you should not allow it to affect you since the stalkers what they really reflect is the rejection they have for themselves even if they focus on someone else.

C. Many do not know that before Bieber pointed out she already worked for the Kardashians. As was?

C.K. It was for the signature of Kanye West and it was most exciting since it was the first time he traveled to the United States. It was my first serious job as a model. Until then I had only made some collaborations in Denia, but everything very homemade.

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