The Blanca Suárez complex with its ears

Can someone like Blanca Suárez, one of the most admired and desired actresses of our country have some complex with their physique? It seems that not now, but in the past had a very large. The confession was made last night in 'The Hormiguero' where he went next to Macarena García to promote his new movie, 'In spite of everything'.

Although Pablo Motos could not believe it, she confessed that there was a time when she did not feel comfortable with herself because of her ears, which she saw disproportionate. "He had quite a complex of ears. Then my head grew and it stabilized a bit, "said the artist.

In that climate of confessions, both Macarena and Pablo Motos also talked about their physical complexes. The young actress said: "I used to do a lot of sport and my legs were very shapedand that made me very embarrassed ".

And the presenter? Well it seems that his great trauma was freckles, which led him to do some other stupidity. "I had many more freckles when I was little", he revealed, confessing that he even asked to invent something to be able to get rid of them. Although the worst was when he decided "scratch my face with sandpaper".

An experiment that did not have a good finish and that led, in addition, to take a good fight from his mother, that you could not believe what had arrived.

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