Beyoncé tells how she gave birth to her twins

Beyoncé has finally published the documentary that we had wanted for a long time to come to light: 'Homecoming' What, for more, has been directed and produced by herself. Can it be a more exclusive documentary?

It has sincere and open to all his followers, but also for those who are not so because, undoubtedly, Beyoncé is a character to admire. It is not the first, nor the last to make this type of documentary Lady Gaga had previously fallen in love with 'Five foot two'. He received excellent reviews and this is not being less.

In it he wanted to give some details of the pregnancy of the twins that, as we imagined had not been easy. "My body went through more than I knew I could. In the uterus, the heart of one of the babies stopped a couple of times, so I they did an emergency caesarean section. I was supposed to do Coachella the year before, but I got pregnant unexpectedly. And they ended up being twins, which was even more surprising, "he explained while was justified for not having been in style at the Coachella. And it is that she herself recognizes that her body and her mind were not one and could not give the best of herself.

"Great part of choreography of my shows are feelings, so it's not so technical, it's your own personality what gives life to the show. That is difficult when you do not feel yourself. (...) My mind was not there. My mind wanted to be with my children. What people do not see is sacrifice. There were days that I thought that I would never be the same again. Neither physically nor my strength nor my resistance would be the same", sentenced leaving us with the heart somewhat shrunken but happy that they are well and she continues to make his wonderful music.

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