This is how the handkerchiefs are worn in their hair, word of influence

The handkerchiefs They are one of the most versatile garments in the universe. And we do not exaggerate. The perfect model? The medium You will wonder why. Well, a medium handkerchief has infinite possibilities when it comes to combining it. Yes, we know you're doing a strange grimace with your face, but we've come to tell the truth.

Do you see that your bag is missing a note of color? Tie a handkerchief. Do not you want to wear a necklace, but feel that your style is missing something? The solution is a scarf around the neck. Do not you have a belt and your cowboy is bored? Place a handkerchief. If you have read all this with a telemarketing voice, you are one of ours. And if you belong to this select group (to which the influencers have also joined), you will know that we have left the most important use of all.

We refer to that day that the social agenda has not come together with the moment 'I have to wash my hair' (but for that the dry shampoo was invented) and you need to raise your ponytail or your bun to another level. That day, you put on a handkerchief to the hair and without realizing it and in less than a minute, your styling becomes instagrameable material ..


Paula Ordovás of MyPeeptoes knows it. You only need this piece of cloth to wear a lookazo worthy of photographing. But she is not the only one.

Cindy Kimberly decides to take the tendnecia in a high ponytail and also, with the plus of the leopard print. What more could you want?

María Valdés bet on the low ponytail in a more casual look that transmits good weather and beach. The key? The handkerchief combines perfectly with the rest of the look, in this case, a monochrome style.

Do you still have doubts? You only need a pañueño to succeed. Influencer word.

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